An answered Prayer (My Princess Ji woo) YUJIN

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Camille Joyce

Hello Ji Woo!! Thank God, because finally, i've found this!! I am your fan here in Philippines, and i feel so blessed because i have known you. Although were not yet meet in person, but im looking forward that it would be happen in God's time. Actually, i really admire your personality, your pure and goddess face since winter sonata days (on that year i was only 11 years old and now, i am already 22) Winter Sonata was your drama series with Bae Yong Joon. Infact, both of you (BYJ) are the reason why i am so fanatic and a lover of korean dramas. Thankyou for inspiring me through your passion in work. And hopefully we'll meet someday, i will always pray for that day. Please always take good care of your self.. You are one of my answered prayer. I really love you! Saranghae, in Filipino language "MAHAL KITA" 

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