To Ms.Ji Woo (The most Beautiful) from Philippines <3 <3

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Hello Ms.Ji Woo <3

Good Morning !! Have a nice day ^_^ Whohhh !! Finally I've found this !! (I mean thanks for the admin to give this link) I'm your fan here in Philippines ... I hope you read this soon maybe someday :) You know ?? Hehehe i know you don't know :) I'm high school when i started to be a Korean Lover's and I can't understand my feelings why its too fast to admire you :) although last year when i started to know you because of the Stairway to Heaven (here in Philippines your korean drama aired again in television) and now I'll already watching the Temptation (Your koreandrama last 2014) i don't know ... I'm 1st year college and I'm only 16 yrs. old but you get my attention , its because your so loveable,humble,kind,hardworking and your so Beautiful inside and out :D You are my inspiration to study hard because i want to see you soon but i know its really impossible :( but I'm still hoping :D Love you so much Ms.Ji Woo <3 

Ps. I hope you read this and reply here someday :)

Sincerely Love <3

Jenn :D

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