To my Dearest Ji woo,

조회 수 2733 2016.02.03 23:29:20
I’m mae ann, one of your Filipino fans. I’m so grateful to know this website, that I can finally sent all I want to say, I can’t explain my mix emotions right now, seriously, I want to scream, jump to my bed, I want to slap my face, I’m on my over reacting. But it’s my time to make a letter, also a favor. I want to say thank you so much for everything, you inspired and complete my day, without even touching me, or seeing you in personal, you are my strength my good vibes against my bad vibes, you are one of my lucky charms, my happiness, my heart beat, in short you are my life, so my life is kinda bored without you Ji woo. you are the one who made my day, my every second of my everyday, the person who keep me sane and always keeps me going and it’ll always be you who does that. I don’t know what would I ever do without you, I just keep on dreaming that someday I’m going to meet you on the right time and right place, you’re one of my reasons to finish my college and have my own work, so I could visit seoul korea, I know korea is not too far to dream of, but I don’t have enough money to get a plane ticket, and to meet you. Lol. But I promise, cross my heart, swear to god I’ll meet you someday, so I could hug you so tightly, don’t worry I wont hurt your stomach. LMAO. I am thinking what will happen someday, I am thinking that if I can touch your goddess face, if I can touch your soft hand, or I can smell what is your perfume. Omg I would love that moment so much. Sorry if I’m so weird but accept the fact that all your fans want’s that too. I hope you will read this, because I want you to know  that I’m so greatful to god that he chose you, I want you to know that how much you make me happy, and how much you made my life, even if sometimes I can’t understand your language, it’s alright. Seeing your face and hearing your voice is good enough for me. I hope and I wish, you will greet me on my debut, it’s my special day because I’m turning 18! I know it’s impossible that someone like you, a star, will greet me a birthday video, but there’s god who made a miracle. I’m just hoping. but the important thing is you’re going to read this, I love you so much Ji woo. LOVE, MAE ANN
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