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Dear Ji Woo,

How are you? 

These days I'm feeling so happy because every Friday and Saturday, watching Second time Twenty is like a booster for me.

The story of Ha No Ra is very inspiring. Although at 38 she return to college for a reason I couldn't support since it was not for herself... but as the show runs, No Ra slowly starts to finds her own path in life, rediscover her No Ra hidden self - spunky, sassy, full of life! The story is simple, yet very realistic. Alot of us pass our years without knowing what we really want... precious time was wasted and regrets too late... No Ra gives me strength to know that even if we are to start out late, we can still find what we want to do and have the courage to do it.
Will I still be inspired if No Ra was not acted by you? After following the drama, I couldn't imagine anyone else interpreting this role at all.
The inner struggle of No Ra, her growth as a woman, her journey of discoveries... those chain of emotions are executed beautifully by you. I was touched everytime when No Ra expressed her sadness, her confusions, her tears.... her gratitude to HS at the bridge still burns in my heart. Words are simple, yet, not every actor can deliver in such eloquence of emotions, whether in tonality or from expressions.

Ji Woo, thank you for participating in this drama. It brings us warmth and happiness, lots of laughter and joy, and most importantly, the meaning of living without regrets.

Ji Woo, do take care of yourself amidst your busy schedule.

Always yours

Sweet dreams!
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