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Dear Ji Woo

How are you?

Are you somewhere now drinking coffee and chatting with friends? Or are you reading some lines from the script or choosing your next project?

Everyone is missing you...just where are you at the moment?!

I'm having more white hair these days...trying to figure out just where you are and what you are doing...if you are keeping a low profile because there's gonna be a real wonderful surprise for us fans...pls don't keep us in anymore suspense! T-T  Would you pleeeeeasse be kind and let us have a tiny weeny little peek on what's happening?


right...forgive my ranting....just can't help it since I'm really missing you..

Sigh...just want to know if you are happy...^^ and when you'll pop up on the screen again....

Right, sweet dreams

Luv you.

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2015.06.24 13:20:29


We all have to keep begging until she shows up on screen again or even a snap shot will do for now ... hahaha !! This is a torture ... waiting to see her somewhere somehow ... 


2015.06.29 00:38:45

Right..she's out in the yogiyo ad...what's next? Feeling excited.... ^^ ^^ ^^

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