To : Choi Ji Woo

조회 수 2576 2016.03.08 14:16:54

I was walking in a crowd
Feeling the atmosphere surround
I was almost in my moment of sorrow
Then a stranger appear & bother that emotion.

The stranger captured my attention
A captivating woman with a cutie posture
Lovable face & graceful body structure
She's a perfect girl that familiar to remember.

I was looking at her tightly
The magnificent stranger is so lovely
I'm thinking crazy but who's the girl in front of me?
She's the God of love & beauty.

Now that I'm quiet close to talk with her
My consciousness came out & the stranger evaporate like a water
The stranger girl in my dream is Choi Ji Woo in real
Realizing that fantasy is match to her personality.

No wonder, she's my Choi Ji Woo
The queen of beauty of all generation
My dream stranger & my idol
The dream lucky of mine to see her soon.

From the far East "Philippines". I love you Choi Ji Woo. 

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