Love you & wish you all the best :)

조회 수 7507 2012.03.25 05:33:18
Kapo Bobo

Dear Ji Woo,

   I'm your new fan form Hong Kong. I started to be fascinated to you since watched your darma " Can't Lose". I think your are a warm ,beauthful and nice lady with your sweet smiling face. After I watched " Can't Lose", I also watched your other drama like " Stairway to Heaven" & " Air City".  I really love your performance and i think your always made the best of it!! I'm look forward to watch your new drama too :))

   Although you may not be read this letter, but I still want to tell you that I  really love you!! I hope you can visit Hong Kong very soon because I really want to meet you.

   I wish you all the best!! Fighting!!

   Best wishes from Hong Kong!!

Kapo Bobo, a eighteen years old girl :))

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