neko's letter to hyun ju~

조회 수 4054 2001.11.06 22:00:24
i just want to say "thank you very much~" ,because you transform your website
in english ,it is very convenient to us,although my english is not good ,i know english
more than korean language  ,so i can get more informations about jiwoo from here.
do you know that i can't understand your web ago<although i want see your web
very much ago~>? so... i am so happy to see your web in english now... ^_^

by the way ,SAMMMI was gone to taiwan safely,don't worry ~
she say this travel to korea is very various and joyful~
i think so,too. i love korea ,so...i will go there again in future~
i want to go many places in korea,this travel is too short ,i can't go every place
that i want to go,it's pity~ so i desire to go next time~

finanly ,have a good time~

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