Hey ji woo u look really cute

조회 수 8348 2005.10.03 01:21:29
Hey ji woo my name is Jessica i am vietnameses my parent is mixed. I would like to tell u that your a great actress. I like the movie Stairway To Heaven. That movie was really good it have alot of emotion part. I cried so bad watching that i felt bad for u in the movie. Its just a movie but i cried so bad it was really good , I like it alot.  You look really really cute. My aunt she watch it she also said that u look really cute the movie especially when u smile. I really support u alot. I am really looking for more korean movie that has u on it and the guy that u act with, the one that really love you in the movie..? Srry i dont know his name. You really look cute cute cute. I support you alot      Your #1 fan,
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