To jiwoo's letter~ i am neko^_^

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hello jiwoo:
i am neko ~ do you remember me ? i am the youngest girl(18 years old!),
we met in 10.27.2001 in seoul,do you remember ?
i am very thankful to you and other korean friends...
you give me a joyful memory in my life,i will remember that day forever..
in that day,we want to say thank you for your kindness~do you remember that we practice
to say "thanks for you pay ..."in english in the car fainally?maybe you forgot it~
when we want to say thanks in formal way,but we didn't make it in that time~
it is pity!but please believe us~the sentence of "thank you " is filled with our deep mind !!!

After meeting with you in korea,I find that you are a very kind and nature woman,
you treated us very well and cared everyone ,i feel that i am a lucky girl ---
i can talk with you face to face ,then i can say many things that i like your drama,
your character...and " i will  support you in future"by myself,that made me happy~

i love you more and more from that day,i often dream about you in the night ,
maybe i miss you too much...i hope i can see you again soon,wherever it is~

The most important thing is take care by yourself and you don't forget to wear
more clothings in cold winter of korea..i hope you are happy and healthy everyday,
then i expect your new drama ,i guess that will be a great drama!!!right?
and i hope you don't be too tired,notice your body,ok?

p.s.your pictures are very beautiful ,nature and cute,i love them very much...^_^
     maybe i send for you at next time~

                                                                neko 11.26.2001

                                                                         love ,neko 2001.11.26
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