To: Choi Ji Woo

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A poem from the edge of my heart. This is for you My Star


By: Anyll 

Billion stars in the night

Different colors, even the light

While watching them, one star attracts me brilliantly

That star brings a special affection to me.

A smile painted at my lips

The brilliant star fulfill my happiness

No doubts, no regrets

That supreme star is the best.

That star has a name too

A gorgeous woman Choi Ji Woo

I adore her the way she do

She's one of a kind that shine & gloom like a diamond stone.

Oh, how can I be close to you?

how could I feel the flame hug of my Choi Ji Woo? 

But this far cry can't stop me to go retreat

And rather scream out this words to reach up into your ears.

Hoping with patients

I'm a fan girl that will be consistent

Consistent to love & support you

Forever & ever my Star Choi Ji Woo.

From the land of orient sea "PHILIPPINES"

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