Enjoy your Phuket Trip, Ji Woo!

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Dear Ji Woo,

How are you?

By now, I guess it's dinner time over at Phuket? or Are you strolling along the beach, listening to the sea waves as you feel the soft sands under your feet? The sea breeze that teases your hair...and the voices of the people walking along the same path with you too.

I would wonder here, in front of the screen, if you've someone beside you, enjoying the same serene night in Phuket. Would you take this trip, to also contemplate your next step in your journey as an artiste? From now on, would we see you more and more on variety shows as well as rom com? I recalled, once, as you took up the drama Can't Lose, you've mentioned before that you would like to try out comedy role.......as far as I can recall, you've tried before in separate projects

.First Kiss

.Romantic President

.Everybody has a little secrets

.Star's Lovers

.Can't Lose

.Second time twenty again

I have enjoyed every single one and your latest as Ha Nora, will always be kept deep within me, just like Li Mari.

Whether or not you will have more comedy, or decide to still go melo, it doesn't matter. As long as you still like acting, enjoy what you want, and is always happy, I'm contented.

While in Phuket, I hope you would have time to go diving and visit the sea world again.

The photos posted in different media... loved them! Saw your happy smiles and my lips can't stop twitching as well. You and Sang Yoon looked so cute together! Sigh.. I really shouldn't say this...but you and he really looked so good together! I know you'll enjoy this trip immensely, and do take more selfies too! ^^ 


Enjoy your trip! Sweet dreams, Ji Woo!


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