Dear Ms Ha No Ra

조회 수 3037 2015.08.28 00:14:47

Hi No Ra,

Going back to school must be exciting, nervous and full of challenges. How does it feel to become a 20 year old again? I'm very curious how your life in school will turn out to be... and anticipating the trials and comedic turns of events that will happen too.

I am already laughing while typing this letter to you, after watching the trailers... 

I hope your first love will pluck up his courage and woo you again...

I certainly hope to see your ex-hubby jumping with jealousy and confusion as he sees you happy in school and perhaps went on dates with your first love.

I very like would wish to see you blossom into a 20 year old again

No Ra, regardless of the outcome, I know you would shed off your past and embrace the future waiting for you!

Would I watch you?

Yes! Definitely... but most probably after the show ended then I'll look for you again..till then...


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