^^ High 5! Gal!

조회 수 2689 2015.09.20 21:21:59

Hi No Ra,

I'm really eating my words..and I don't mind one bit. Remembered my last letter here was saying I'll watch Second Time Twenty after it finished airing....but I REALLY REALLY can't...so like an obsessed being, I waited for every fri and sat so that you would show up. You did, and every time you appear, you never disappoint.

For every episode that you found back the old No Ra, I applauded. For every words you threw back to WC, I cheered and clapped. For every laughter you have, I laughed with you. Yes, No Ra, you are one gal I really really want to protect... ^^ but you have that cute dimple stalker, HS around, to give you strength, so let him be your knight in shining armour instead! I'll just sit in front of the screen and shout: Go, No Ra, Go! 

Perhaps you'll find it funny that I write this letter, addressing you in this way. But somehow, I find this drama is like a new path you have selected to walk on. You have acted in romantic comedies before, but this drama, is an unusual selection for you. You've taken a risk, and I would say your selection is wonderful. It feels as if No Ra is tailored made just for you and her character somehow in some ways are so like you too.

Your acting skill and technique just reached another level as well with No Ra.

Twenty again, is a wonderful present for all of us. It unravels another Ji Woo that we hardly see. A dancing Ji Woo. I love that No Ra on stage, and I love the Ji Woo who is spreading her wings in this drama too. 

Love you, always.

Sweet dreams

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