For Choi Ji woo ssi only, please...

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"Shades of Ji-woo.."

Every shades of colors remind me of the name "Choi Ji-woo". Every degree of lightness and darkness of a simple tint reminds me of her.

The glow of colour red is for her big heart to others. I've watched the video where she's with the kids in Africa where she expressed her emotions with tears because of the condition there, this makes me realize that she has a passion not only in acting but also in helping others. Like the different hues of the color blue, her sweet voice was calm and so nice to hear; making you memorize every sentence that has a meaning for you and you'll make it your favorite quotation. The color white for the purity, simplicity and genuineness of her personality that will make you adore her more. I love watching her appearances in different variety shows; because I can see charm in her eyes and the joy in her smile. Her inspiring cheerfulness in every challenge reminds me of the color yellow. The shades of violet for her impressive, splendid and dignified acting skills because she acts perfectly in every role like she was the very same person she portrays. Orange for her uniqueness; the way she flips her hair, wave her hands and she acts, which are hard to be copied. The color green symbolizes my hope of seeing her someday. Thinking of this motivates me to accomplish everything.

I'm her fan for almost half of my life and I realized something: she has an ability to make you think beyond her substantial beauty to get to know her better. Being her true-blue fan can't be measured on how many times you've watch her dramas or how many pictures of was saved in your gallery; sometimes it is how she add various tints of colour in your life.



Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Admhin ⓙⓔⓛⓛⓨ


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