An Open Lettern.

조회 수 19707 2006.06.26 04:34:34
k.Hello to all,

Hope as the days passing by, the sun will shine brighter than before to CJW ssi and all her fans and admirers.

I just humbly want to suggest few things since this is the official website of Miss Jiwoo.

1) When I looked at about jiwoo, particularly at her profiles whether it is in Korean or in English, both are not the recently updated. Maybe for fans that had been following her news before 2000 or after the smash hits of WS, definitely, they don't have any problems with regards to her news but what about her new fans who didn't know to read or write in Korean and English is the only solution for them like fans from the South America, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, etc and fans from Middle East like Egypt, Iraq, Iran etc.
As STH going around on 2005 at Central America while WLS hit Middle East in 2004.

Hence may I suggest that her profiles and news being updated, I am sure that there is a lot of jiwoo fans who is willingly to do the translation provided that they have time and the work can be reschedule and circulated among those who willing.

Imagine why her Japanese fans become stronger, mainly becoz I can say the scoop iof CJW news in Japan is much more wider than in her native nation and as foreigner fans, I got to know her better more becoz of Japanese news rather than Korean news.

2) I miss the good old days where jiwoo would leave the message here or when the member of starjiwoo interviewing her and the conversation being transferred here like when after she finished her BD in 2001 and on earlier episodes of WLS. I hope that how much hectic life she had, maybe she could permit the starjiwoo webmaster to get an exclusive interviews on her and being transferred her. It will make us, her fans appreciate her more than usual.

3) I really hope that jiwoo ssi could get a better script (i.e, not repeating the same character all over again) in movies or dramas. She is the most talented Korean actress that I reckon, hence it is quite a pity if she weren't given any chance to explore her own talents. And I am sure, I am not the only one who were pining for jiwoo ssi to get more challenging role. I really hope her new management will take this into consideration. Perhaps, as for dramas, she could explore the same character as the leading lady in Unfair (Japanese drama by FujiTV in Winter 2006), that will show another side of her, as tough policewoman who could crack any cases.
Or maybe she could try acting in comedy drama, be it romantic comedy or sitcom as I recall she had natural talent to do the comical side, just given her a chance. Probably, the character like the Nanny in the the sitcom Nanny or as the movie Sound of Music by Julie Andrew.
Or she could act as icy lady that couldn't give a damn to a man, portraying a strong will woman that would do anything to get what she wants.
Or she could play twin roles, at the two extremes, good and bad as jiwoo ssi always said that she loves to portray villain roles if given a chance.

Or maybe drama like portraying historical figures, maybe not the ancient drama but portraying the role of a strong spirit woman during Korean wars, and I am sure, it is easier job to jiwoo, she has a lot of examples of grandmothers that she could take as her research interest in portraying the role and the evolution process after that, maybe something similar like Oshin (Japanese drama produced by NHK in 1983)

Or maybe she could act in not a mainstream drama, that did not focus on lovers but the relationship between mother-daughter, mother-son or how the parents cope with diability children.

4) If this is not too much to ask, perhaps, in this website, could add reviews on her dramas and movies, a fair reviews on jiwoo acting, the production, and so on.

I love her very much that I wanted her to success until the day she announced that she want to retire but of course, I hope that one day she could bagged international best actress award, after all, she has all the criterias to be the world best actress. God willing, anything can happen

Hwating choi ji woo ssi. God bless you always.

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2006.06.30 08:20:23

hey jas
dear i totaly agree with u about the profile of the princess CJW coz the profile whether in english or korean is toooo old from 6 years i guess....n i'm dying to see here anyword from my princess CJW to know if she knows about her fans all over the world ?? i hope sooo..
thanx dear jas for ur open letter


Jennifer O

2006.07.09 03:13:30

Hi Five! You said it ALL.... Jas! .....
And all her fans would be extremely elated if our dearest princess could drop a short "hello" message to her fans from time to time......
Have a beautiful sunday~~
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