Dear Ji Woo

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Hi Ji Woo,

It's wonderful to hear your news and see you appearing for the Yellow Balloon event. You look radiant and happy. I'm happy to see you so ^^

This morning I woke up early than usual to attend a meeting...the moon has reached its fullness and it looks so pretty against the still dark morning. Cars are passing by as I walked along the path to the train station, my feelings in a mix. Even though the morning air is cool, I felt a certain stirring which I haven't felt in a long while...excitement.

Perhaps it's because you don't know me, I feel easier to talk to you like this.

Recently I've left my company which I've worked with for about 8 years. I wanted to change to a different environment, as I felt so stagnant. Like a moulding bread. The company is good, the environment is good, but I feel so drained of inspiration. I wonder if you've ever felt like that in your long career as an artiste?

There are now 2 options in front of me. A stable job offer (I'm pretty sure tomorrow meeting they will discuss about my possibility with them..) or a full commissioned job. I have decided for the latter. My mom is not very happy about this decision...but I wanted to break out this time and try all my best.. at least for a month and see how far I can go...and tomorrow I will reject the offer for the stable income if the company should offer me an opportunity.

The meeting this morning was so vibrant and exciting that even after I left, even after I have reservations on how well I can perform...I have by then harden my resolve. Writing to you now in words, in fact made it a final. Should I do well in this new career, I would reward myself to visit Korea next year. And if we are fortunate, we will perhaps be able to at least say 'hi' to each other. I would love to say Happy Birthday to you next year and join the volunteers for their visits to the children home.

I wonder if at this time in your life, are you also considering any important decision that would change your life too? Whatever they are if you have any, I wish you the best.

Look forward to your new project ^^

Have a great weekend!

Sweet Dreams

Always yours

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2015.07.04 11:39:38


You've made a big decision. I know it's not easy to break away and leave the comfort zone. I did the same and it hasn't been easy but life is an adventure ... I wish you all the best with your future  and hopefully we get to see her in person together ... hahaha !! I'm dying for that !!


2015.07.04 22:14:50

Thank you, BB! for the encouragement. Let's move forward together...and yes, we'll meet her eventually. I'm aiming for next year ^^

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