3 Meals a Day and Twenty again

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Hi Ji Woo!

How are you?

I've recently watched ep 10 of 3 meals...especially the part when you pop out to surprise Seojin and Taecyeon....I really enjoyed watching you bickering with Seojin and hearing your laughter. You looked so relax and seems to really enjoy the farm life. Seeing you getting up earlier than the guys, eating potatoes, plucking strawberries and eating wherever you go... when you hugged the puppy close to you... you are so natural...so naturally beautiful. So you. I could easily imagined how you are like when you're a young child...playing in her garden and curious about the surroundings. Plucking off berries when you're hungry ^^

Also, I'm very excited by your new project - Twenty Again. So far, you've never really undertaken the role of a mother except in Suspicious Housekeeper. There, your feelings are buried in angst and pain due to your loss of a child and husband. Whereas your latest project would be a rom-com...it will be interesting to see how you would interpret this role. If the character of No Ra is at once bubbly, naive at times, throw in a bit of the ahjummas traits, yet with a hidden core of strength, it will be interesting to see your portrayal of this persona.

Your male lead is a great actor too...... I like him from My Daughter, Seyoung. He has a certain charisma around him... a pairing of you and him would be fun, I think. I wonder how the chemistry between you and him would be.

^o^ would we be seeing you dance as well?! since in that drama you're returning to school to continue your studies and your dream was to be a dancer. Would we be seeing you realising your dream in that drama?

Haahaha.. may I also presume that after this drama... your next project would be a movie?!!

As I've to wake up early tomorrow.. I'll end my letter here now.

Have a great week!

Sweet Dreams

Always yours

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