Ha No Ra

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Hi Ji Woo!

It's wonderful to see you taking up the character for Ha No Ra in your new drama. The teasers released have been fun...showing the adorable side of Ha No Ra. From the clips shown, it seem that we will be expecting a lot of comedic elements in the drama.

Hahahaha...It feels that everyone is enjoying themselves in the first script reading. There's a light cheerful atmosphere all around. It makes me really curious on how the first episode would begin with...

Would the first episode show you in photos as a dancer..getting married...a son in arms...then unfolded as you busy yourself around the house preparing breakfast for your hubby and son... wearing an apron and calling your son to wake up for school...a devoted wife and mother. And one day had a rude awakening when your husband asked for a divorce because you didn't complete your education...(and who's fault is that? hehehe..really..!)

Already, I want to walk into Ha No Ra's inner world, to know her as a person. A mother, a wife, a woman. Beneath the bubby character, what lies under?

I believe you would interpret Ha No Ra beautifully...aaahhhh...really can't wait!

Have a great Sunday!


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