Sunny wrote to ji woo !!

조회 수 4411 2001.11.28 14:57:31
Hi...dear ji woo

I am Sunny(I have changed  the name because one of your fans call Nancy as well)
I come from Taiwan.
I left the similar message on the free board before.(use the name-Nancy)

I really really love you so much !!  ^_^

At present, your TV drama, Mr. Duke is shown on TV.
I see it everyday. You are so beautiful and cute in that drama!

I hope we and friends can meet in the winter vocation in Korea.
^^If you have the time...
Last meeting I can't attend because I must go to school and have the examination.
I really sorry about that !  ~_~   and I was so sad......

In Korea it become much cold !?
ji woo and the friends in Korea,  don't forget to keep warm !!
(Hyun ju!! I remember you on the ji woo's board in Taiwan!!!)

ji woo,you must have the self-confidence!!  ^0^
we fans all like you and support you,remember?
You will succeed in everything !!!
you are the best , we all can see!!!!!!!

                                                                         Sunny     2001.11.28
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