hi, ji woo!

조회 수 2388 2003.03.09 18:56:56
hello, jiwoo! i'm a new member of your fanclub. i come from thailand. i watch your drama "winter love song" which is being broadcasted in my country. you 're my first favorite korean star. don't worry about your writing when you use the computer. you don't have to very quicklyreply your fans' messages sent to you. i know you've a lot of works to do, take care of yourself. i'm waiting to watch your new dramas or films.
p.s. jiwoo, if you reply me to my e-mail address: superfonix@hotmail.com, it's so cool ! see u

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2003.03.10 00:47:04

hi fonix, welcome you amd join jiwoo's family


2003.03.10 11:28:44

Hi fonix welcome to this site...
U will find nice friend and can share ur support to Jiwoo
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