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Just recently watched ep.1 without sub coz cant really wait.. watching only You and YSH body language, actions, and emotions is hilarious; how much more if i can understand what you are saying...cant help laughing on the entire ep 1..

Watched also ep 2 without subs...I agree with that both sides have flaws and good points thus it’s so hard to side with anyone (either HyunWoo or Eun Jae)…Im not yet married but the way Can'tLose story was being told is so realistic that it makes me laugh and smile for the entire 2 episodes… its funny how the major/minor problems in their marriage can become hilarious and comedy that I (for my part) is predicting will blow into a divorce and the drama part of this series.

I can say that i’m IN for this series.. DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH…I like the CJW/YSH chemistry plus the comedy factor...hilarious!   Im so LOVING THIS and you as EunJae… Solid lead actors/supporting/director/writer… hoping for the succeeding episodes to be funny and hilarious…cant wait… hahaha.… Fighting Cant Lose!!!

PS.  Hope you are not bothered with the ratings.  Just continue with your great protrayal as EunJae and no one will bother about that.. As long as we enjoy the show and EunJae, and we're happy that you are happy with this series. 


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