My dear Ji-Woo

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I have the opportunity to send you a little piece of me, along with these lines, so, here I go...

Ji-Woo, for years, I could see in you a great woman, capable of transmitting from your role as an actress, The deepest feelings, and the purest emotions to convey to the public, the true charisma from the purest personal essence. The one that touches hearts, and makes everyone understand the great woman in you, full of life, and a warm and welcoming heart. Thank you for making your characters come alive within you, and not be a simple interpretation. Thank you for loving your natural gift, and making us part of that humanity that I believe characterizes you, And it makes you genuine and authentic, in front of the screen and I am convinced, also in real life.Thank you for your human warmth, the only one capable of leaving a mark, which can be perceived just by looking into your eyes.Thank you for being here today, sharing with all of us the best of you.A HUGE hug, from Gerona (Spain). Your faithful admirer for years. 

With all my affection,


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