Love You Always

조회 수 3657 2013.12.04 00:14:44

Dear Ji Woo (if I may),

Just found out this websit .... and wish to express my feelings ...

I have enjoyed your latest TV drama "Suspicious Housekeeper" very much. Just love the way you are! You always look good in whatever character you are engaged to perform. Your smile is very contagious.

I visited your photo gallery at Busan in May 2013. This is my first visit to Seoul and have already fallen in love with the place, especially Nami Island.

Upon return, I strongly recommend my friends to visit Nami Island, which to me, is a must visit place of interest if one is to visit Korea.

I wish you well and best in everything you do and wish you have continuous great success throughout your acting journey. And of course, have a happy life.

For now, all the best to you.

With best regards,

Jancy, your fan from Singapore



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