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Sally Huang
Dear Jiwoo:
                  I'm one of your fans in Taiwan. I like your performance in "beautiful
days" very much. I'm very happy about your coming about last month. I wish
you can come to Taiwan again very soon. Because there are more and more
your fans in Taiwan. We would like to see you!!!  I'm looking forward your new
drama. Remember that we(your fans in Taiwan) support you forever!!!
                 Now your homepages are all Korean. But your fans are from many
country, not only  in Korean. So I wish you have more English homepages. Let
many fans can know you more!!!
                                                                           Your Fan From Taiwan

댓글 '4'

Sally Huang

2001.09.03 00:08:28

Fairy Yang

2001.09.03 01:20:32

I need your help!

Code J

2001.09.03 13:09:28

Hi! Sally.. Welcome to your visit our Starjiwoo.. We hope we can talk about "Choi Jiwoo" on this board..

jung ha

2001.09.03 13:37:41

Welcome !~ I'm happy to see you. I have read your letter with great pleasure. Do come again.^^;;
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