the one I missed

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"Winter Sonata" brings me to know you.  Your acting is so lovely and wonderful.  However, I am late for more than 10 years to view all your performance.  I'm catching up.  Believe it or not, this could be one of my meaningful Christmas.  May I wish you to have a joyful Christmas, Good Health and Prosperous New Year.

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Rio Kindangen

2012.02.28 23:32:05

Ten years have  gone since you played in Winter Sonata ... Now, I won't miss any single performance of yours ... Cann't help myself to be deeply influenced by you ... your smiles, your tears, your hair, the way you look ... oh Gosh ... If only I can be the one special in your life ... (I know I am dreaming :)

Come n see my writings at wishes for you Ji woo ssi ... I just hope that someday I get a chance staying in Seoul for writers-in-residence program and well... I do hope I can meet you in person

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