Eun Jae Fighting!!

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ENG subs for ep 1 and 2… Enjoy everyone :)   (coz I do)
CANT LOSE MV... Love it :)  ... credits to owner... well apt song "ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE"  hahahaha...

Been watching CL from ep 1 – 4 without subs (til someone found the site above), and what can i say, i JUST LOVE IT !!!  Its like watching my pocketbooks/novels come to life…

The story’s premise/conflict is simple, but i find it cute, funny, heartwarming, and realistic.
I’m not yet married but i find the bickering of HYUNIWOO couple to be true and realistic (since for that matter that their love story is a whirlwind romance not courtship :) ). They skip all the details that normal couple would probably go through before marriage, thus, the constant fighting/bickering. They only encounter small squabbles and it normally will be blown to a major fight.
They are poles apart. EJ is realistic while HW is idealistic. They jumped into for better/worse without fully realizing/knowing each other (but i find it cute in some ep where HW would just think what EJ would say/do/have done and bingo! he knows).  Another issue of the story that i like is that there is no witch Ommonie (“Dont like you for my son/daughter” dialogue).  This is pure “adult” relationship in which the 2 leads had/have/would/will sort out for themselves despite the people around them. Hence, i find CL refreshing from most of the Kdramalandia  (plus the fact that i like CJW/YSH chemistry — their kissing in ep 1&3 was Yaiikss! :) never seen CJW to kiss like that).

Love ep 4 … They say that beware of a woman scorned (woman like EJ who are outgoing suddenly becomes silent is scary :) ) ... The “simmering pot” is now reaching the boiling point, and probably by ep 6, they will be at the melting point… :)

Hi everyone... join us as we journeyed along with EJ/HW's marriage... we'd love to hear from co-CJW fans:

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