Hello Ms. Choi Ji-woo

조회 수 8740 2010.12.31 00:05:46

Advance happy new year...(^-^)

Btw, im Gian from the Philippines... i found you website a few minutes ago thats why i didn't hesitate to signed up here... im a super fan of yours

since i was just 9 years old... i really love watching your dramas...

and im still watching it until now (im 18 years old right now)

for me... your the Goddess of all korean dramas & the ANGELINA JOLIE of asia..!!

I hope we can be friends..... waaah.. i always use to think that your the kindness actress in the earth

haha... thanks for everything ms. choi...for making me laugh, cry.. and being my only inspiration

i hope you read & reply with my letter for u... have a nice day Ms. Choi


for better and for worse =) take care and godbless!

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