send picture for you~

조회 수 5325 2001.11.01 20:20:25
hi hyun ju
i am very happy to see these photos that include our memory with jiwoo~
i am glad to make friend with you and the other who like jiwoo very much~
do you know? i make the photo< i and jiwoo> become bigger <8*10> ,i will
take it on my room,i will see our  great memory  everyday~
i send some pictures to you ,i wish you feel good~
<in these pictures>i feel my face become fatter than real life ,i feel sad ~
finally,i hope your life is happy everyday~  ^_^

  p.s.  sorry ~i try to send pictures to srarjiwoo this love letter,but i can't make it,
so i will send e-mail for you . if you want post to this web ,i am ok~
       p.s.2 if you receive my e-mail ,please leave message to me. thanks~
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