To ji woo

조회 수 3719 2001.12.06 01:16:47
Fairy Yang
Dear ji woo:
        Today, I saw the news that you were present at the meeting of leebyunghun and his fans. Then. you and B.H. were hand in hand,right?! I envy them very much!
Because I could not go to Korea this time,I missed the chance of meeting you and B.H.. It's a pity really! Next time, if I have a chance I will go to Korea to see you.
        But, if you have time,I hope you can come to Taiwan again. Because there are many fans missing you very much.
        Now, GTV(Television Station of Taiwan)is playing your another drama~Mr.Duke.
It is so popular in Taiwan, I must see it everyday. I hope you will be happy to know this news. I expect your new drama.
        May your everything is satisfactorily!

Your fan~Fairy2001.12.05

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