What is JIWOO doing these day?

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Hi ..
I`m STARJIWOO`s manager
My name is hyun ju

Today is Christmas day ..
JIWOO does not schedule "Winter love song" photographing today
JIWOO will begin "Winter love song" drama photographing in what skiing ground from tomorrow.
First broadcasting date of original "Winter love song" was January 7
But, It was changed by January 14.
So, first broadcasting date of "Winter love song" is January 14
JIWOO says that she is going to be cut hair  in "Winter love song"

STARJIWOO's operators met her last 22 day.
It was to give Christmas present to her.
Gift was necklace and she very enjoyed .

December 31, 2001 night
There is going to be "2001 SBS Entertainment Awards" in SBS broadcasting station
JIWOO and LEE BYUNG HUN are going to receive " Ten Stars 2001 SBS Entertainment Awards" together.

I will tell again to you if JIWOO have a good news
I  desire that you give support and love to JIWOO
see you again..*^^*
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